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Thinking green

The shift towards a more sustainable and ‘green’ future is irreversible and changing the way many existing businesses operate - and the basis upon which many new businesses are formed. ... READ MORE

Championing sustainability

The Cropper Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) which was co-founded by the late Angela Cropper and her husband John. A primary focus of the Foundation is to encourage sustainable practices at all levels in T&T and eventually in the wider Caribbean. ... READ MORE

Learning with a cause

We use double our small island’s eco-capacity to support our current lifestyle and industrial needs. That’s why it is important to engender new thinking and new attitudes towards the environment in T&T – a real challenge. ... READ MORE

Too big to fail?

The market place is changing fast everywhere you look. For many years major corporations dominated many aspects of our lives. But, will that continue to be the case in future years? ... READ MORE

The value of time

A value proposition is what the customer thinks, feels, decides and acts upon when it comes to choosing products, services and/or experiences. It is often not big new ‘in your face things’ that are important.... READ MORE

Moving forward

A lot of things are happening in the business and educational fields which are focused on developing a better and more resilient future for the citizens of T&T, as well as the greater region. ... READ MORE
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Upcoming Events
Oct 13
Social Enterprise Hive Conference The Growing Leaders Foundation

A multi-faceted event for those interested in social entrepreneurship

Upcoming Events
Jul 08
Social Enterprise Hive meet up

A social networking session in Chaguanas

Upcoming Events
Aug 03
Caribbean Youth Science Forum

The Caribbean Youth Science Forum (CYSF) is a regional event that brings together over two hundred (200) Sixth Form Science students from the Caribbean for a full week of educational, social and cultural activities. It runs from August 3 - 10 in Trinidad and Tobago.

Upcoming Events
Sep 22
Go Caribbean Expo

GO-CARIBBEAN! International Business and Trade Expo will facilitate the convergence of entrepreneurs, financiers, high net-worth individuals and strategic partners focused on the development and support of Caribbean business across the region and in North America.  It is a place to meet and learn about new business trends, discuss best practices and identify opportunities to increase investment in the Caribbean and for Caribbean businesses in the Diaspora.

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Member's Zone

A network supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in T&T

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The Trinidad and Tobago Foresight and Innovation Network