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Reshaping spaces

One of the biggest threats to existing businesses is what is coming over the horizon. Rapid technological advances in particular are driving change at a breath-taking pace. ... READ MORE

True balance

Many of our Champions are persons who are work behind the scenes to make things happen and get things done. They have no interest in being on TV or in the newspapers. Their interest is in making a contribution that supports the success of others or a part of a bigger ‘whole’. ... READ MORE

Smart agriculture

This month’s sector success story is about a young man who has such a strong belief in what he is doing that he gave up a secure government job to ‘just go do it. ... READ MORE

Hindering or helping

During the past several months we have listened to a number of aspiring and actual entrepreneurs pitching their business cases in order to attract either investor interest or to gain entry into business development support programmes. ... READ MORE

Sweet challenge

In early June an announcement appeared in the T&T press advising that the ban on importing honey was going to be removed. The cost of honey in T&T is extremely high by international standards and the opening up of the borders to imports has caused local apiarists to be concerned. ... READ MORE

A bit of everything

Over the past month a number of quite contrasting sessions and events have taken place, all of which reflect the changing local and international environment which is shaping the future of T&T.... READ MORE
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Upcoming Events
Jul 23
2nd Stakeholder Consultation for the Fashion Industry of T&T

An opportunity to make a contribution to the sector strategic planning process.

Upcoming Events
Aug 03
Caribbean Youth Science Forum

The Caribbean Youth Science Forum (CYSF) is a regional event that brings together over two hundred (200) Sixth Form Science students from the Caribbean for a full week of educational, social and cultural activities. It runs from August 3 - 10 in Trinidad and Tobago.

Upcoming Events
Sep 22
Go Caribbean Expo

GO-CARIBBEAN! International Business and Trade Expo will facilitate the convergence of entrepreneurs, financiers, high net-worth individuals and strategic partners focused on the development and support of Caribbean business across the region and in North America.  It is a place to meet and learn about new business trends, discuss best practices and identify opportunities to increase investment in the Caribbean and for Caribbean businesses in the Diaspora.

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A network supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in T&T

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The Trinidad and Tobago Foresight and Innovation Network