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Home grown - but global

The focus is on T&T-based entrepreneurs who already have, or are in the process of preparing for, servicing global markets – niche or otherwise. Some of these entrepreneurs have featured in our Success Stories and Champion of the Month sections in recent years. ... READ MORE

A holistic approach

There is a new generation of quite unique Champions, who also happen to be entrepreneurs, emerging in Trinidad and Tobago. The i2i Award programme has helped identify a number of these special people. They tend to be young and are far more connected with major global trends in areas such as ICTs and sustainable business development.... READ MORE

Perfect Peppers

Three years ago a retirement gift of pepper trees from Leesa Reize to her husband David resulted in an ever increasing bounty of beautiful sun-kissed hot and flavorful peppers which fueled the experiment that is today a business called ‘Perfect Peppers’.... READ MORE

Big trends to think about

I have been involved in the field of strategic foresight for over fifteen years now. Here are a few of the big trends I see that will provide a number of threats and opportunities to both business and society in T&T. ... READ MORE

The biggest challenge

This is perhaps the biggest challenge that T&T needs to address as it plots its way forward beyond the oil and gas era - and that era may well be coming to an end faster than most living here realize. ... READ MORE

Fare well and prosper!

This is the last update on the TTFI network that I have the pleasure to share with you all. I have been facilitating this network since it was initiated in January 2006 and have updated the site every month since then - eight years and nine months. ... READ MORE
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Upcoming Events
Oct 13
Social Enterprise Hive Conference The Growing Leaders Foundation

A multi-faceted event for those interested in social entrepreneurship

Upcoming Events
Jul 08
Social Enterprise Hive meet up

A social networking session in Chaguanas

Upcoming Events
Aug 03
Caribbean Youth Science Forum

The Caribbean Youth Science Forum (CYSF) is a regional event that brings together over two hundred (200) Sixth Form Science students from the Caribbean for a full week of educational, social and cultural activities. It runs from August 3 - 10 in Trinidad and Tobago.

Upcoming Events
Sep 22
Go Caribbean Expo

GO-CARIBBEAN! International Business and Trade Expo will facilitate the convergence of entrepreneurs, financiers, high net-worth individuals and strategic partners focused on the development and support of Caribbean business across the region and in North America.  It is a place to meet and learn about new business trends, discuss best practices and identify opportunities to increase investment in the Caribbean and for Caribbean businesses in the Diaspora.

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Member's Zone

A network supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in T&T

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The Trinidad and Tobago Foresight and Innovation Network